A Whole Bunch of Updates- Pride, Print Quality Improvements and more

A Whole Bunch of Updates- Pride, Print Quality Improvements and more

There have been a lot of big things going on for PronounPins.org! We attended the Twin Cities Pride Festival last weekend, and it was an amazing experience. We had really good sales, but more importantly got to meet many of you. 

I heard many people excited about seeing their identity represented for the first time by our pins. It served as an excellent reminder as to why I chose to offer such a wide variety of pins in the first place. 

On that same note, I will be adding many new flag designs in the coming weeks, as well as an "Upload Your Own Flag" option for any flags that are not yet on the site.

The sales at pride have enabled me to make several improvements moving forward. The website has an all new design, that has been customized to make your shopping experience far more enjoyable and pleasant.

There is also a professional inkjet printer on it's way to me right now, that will allow for even higher quality prints, more accurate colors and higher detail. Pins will be transitioning from our current, already high quality to the even better prints throughout the next few weeks.

Thank you all so much for your support, online and in person. It has made a huge difference to me, the business and the community with over $300 in donations to TRANSaction free, the Trevor Project and ASANI.

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