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Our transition in to ProudAxolotl.com

Our transition in to ProudAxolotl.com

If you're looking at our site for the first time in a little while, you've probably noticed a lot of changes!

We started out with one specific product, and named our site accordingly. However, we've grown our product offerings to the point where PronounPins.org simply doesn't describe what we do very well.

You've probably noticed that we kinda like axolotls (okay, we're obsessed). You seem to like them as well, they're on most of our best selling products. We decided to name our site after these adorable, nonbinary creatures.

None of our products are going away, we're only adding them!

Our social handles are now all @proudaxolotl and all links and emails are simply redirected to proudaxolotl.com or *@prideaxolotl.com.

We're really happy about these changes, and hope you are too! If you have any questions, please use the chat or email me @ lily@proudaxolotl.com

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