Where Your Order Comes From

Where Your Order Comes From

A few people have asked me to explain where products come from a little bit better, so here's an explanation!

We're a tiny company based out of a home, so we work with suppliers and print production companies to get your products to you as efficiently as possible.

We have products representing nearly 100 different identities! Which leaves many wondering how we're able to have all those different products on hand. The short answer: we usually don't.

The only items we have to have made are pride packs, which is why it is currently less expansive. Each pride pack is assembled by me, packaged and sent either to you or a shipping partner who will then send them to you.

All of our other items are print on demand. This means that (in most cases) we make the product after you place an order. All of the pins are made by us in-house using the best USA-made, recycled steel parts and a museum grade printer. 

Apparel and accessories are printed through a group of print shops across the country that we have partnered with. They use specialized printers to print directly on to clothes, the same way you might print a picture.

With pride flags coming back, we ship some out ourselves but most ship directly from our flag manufacturer to you.


So, if your order comes in a few different packages, this is why. We have certain print shops that only print t-shirts for us, while others print hoodies. If you also order a pride pack and a pride flag, those might also come from other places.

Although it may seem complicated and confusing, it allows us to provide products that allow everyone to show their pride without having a massive warehouse. It also allows us to offer more customization than anywhere else.

P.S.: Although the environmental impact of this may seem greater, it's usually less. Operating like this allows us to reduce waste significantly, and we also carbon offset the shipping on all orders.

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