Our Holiday Guidelines and Tips

We're working to bring you all the pride products you need for the holidays. However, as a small team and with shipping issues, we have some guidelines and tips to ensure that your gifts get where you want, when you want them.

All our orders are made, picked and packaged by just a few people. As a small business, we want to promote reasonable expectations over rapid shipping that pushes systems to their limits.

Please be kind to your postal workers! They are working incredibly hard to get packages to their destinations, and delays or mistakes are rarely ever their fault.

-US Customers: Order by December 7th for delivery before Christmas

-International: Apparel, Prints and Pins should be ordered by November 25th to get them before Christmas

-International shipping on pride packs and flags is temporarily suspended


Do you offer any guarantees or promises?

Yes and no. Our priority is making sure you are happy and enjoy the experience. If you're not happy with your product, we'll give you a full refund or store credit.

Shipping is so unpredictable right now that we aren't comfortable making any promises about receiving your order in time. However, our deadlines are created with enough time to account for reasonable delays, and we promise we'll get your orders out the door as soon as possible.

Why aren't you shipping all products internationally?

We've already been seeing major delays in shipping internationally from our warehouse, so we made the decision to pause shipment of products that we can only ship out from here. We have production partners internationally that help with pins, apparel and prints so we can get them to you faster.

Do you offer returns, refunds or exchanges?

Yes we do! We are offering an extended return period throughout the holidays. All orders between now and January 1st can be returned until January 30th.

We offer a mix of refunds, exchanges and returns depending on the product, issues and your location. You can submit a request here.

What if I can't get your products in time?

You can check our list of retailers that stock our pins here. There's a decent chance a store near you has our pronoun and/or pride pins. Make sure you call or email them to confirm that they have our pins in stock.

If that isn't possible, support a local small business! If there's a store near you that you want to carry our pins, let us know and we'll get in touch with them!

Contact Us

Have any questions? Email support@proudaxolotl.com or message us on social