Standing Against ULine

ULine is one of the largest shipping supply companies in the US. If you own a business, you've probably gotten a catalog from them. We've chosen to never purchase from them. Here's why:


  • •Their employees contract COVID at far higher rates than average, reaching nearly 30% at some locations. This is because of their relaxed approach to COVID safety protocols. Mask mandates aren't enforced, even for symptomatic workers, the president reportedly runs meetings where no one is masked, and most employees aren't allowed to work from home.
  • •The owners, Liz and Richard Uihlein are some of the largest donors to far right campaigns. They have donated over $100,000,000 to campaigns, PACs and candidates. These include Trump, Roy Moore (even after allegations of assault on a minor came out), and a group that organized the rally which became the January 6th Capital riot.
  • •The Uihleins are very against LGBTQIA+ rights, having donated to school board members who oppose allowing trans girls to use the locker rooms and bathrooms of their choice and PACs who have run blatantly homophobic campaigns and ads.

As a trans run business, we feel the need to call attention to this relatively unknown issue to attempt to cut in to ULine's bottom line. If an order you recieve is shipped in ULine packaging, we strongly encourage you to contact the company and ask them to visit to learn more and what they can do instead.

We're working to expand this page in to it's own website, and to share more resources to fight against ULine and the unethical decisions of its owners.

Resources and Alternatives for Businesses

We encourage businesses to use the switch from ULine to consider local and/or more environmentally friendly options.

First, consider local shipping supply companies. Here in Minnesota we're fortunate to have many options, including Tilsner Carton, and Anchor Paper Co., both supply companies nationwide. Ask other small businesses in your area where they get their supplies.

For more eco friendly options, consider Ecoenclose. We use their shipping labels and many different boxes from them. Their products are reasonably priced, well researched and they are always innovating.

Some other eco-conscious companies to consider: Arka and PackMojo. Both provide custom printed and sized packaging, with slightly different features and technologies.

Do you have any other company recommendations? Email and we'll add them here.

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