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Helping everyone feel proud of who they are

Through our ever expanding and inclusive collection of items, and our philanthropy, we aim to make it easier for everyone to show their pride!

The Proud Axolotl welcomes you!

We're a trans and neurodivergent run small business that aims to offer the products anyone needs to show their pride in who they are.

We're proud to offer one of the largest selections of identities online, and we're constantly growing to become even more inclusive. If you don't find a product representing you, let us know and we'll change that.

Professional Discounts

If you are a mental health professional, nonprofit owner or employee, or teacher we want to thank you and support you.

You can register and verify for 15% off all your orders.


Pause on Pins

As some of you have noticed, there aren't any pins live on the site right now. Unfortunately, the amount of time and effort they take to send to individuals can't be justified at the current scale. Our pins are in dozens of stores around the country, and we hope to bring them back online soon.